Product Warranty

  • Purchase brand products: (“Ommi Care”) Customers must provide the original purchase receipts as product maintenance.
  • If the customer fails to produce the original purchase receipt, it means that the product has not been eligible for the “7-day replacement service” and “free repair service”, and the customer must pay the relevant repair service fee; the fee will be collected by the company’s technical staff Make a quotation after checking.
  1. Ommi Care products have a valid warranty period of 12 months (calculated from the invoice date)
  2. “7-day defective replacement service” customers must present the original purchase receipt to us where they purchased the goods for replacement.  Please bring the product to our office for replacement. 
  3. The effective maintenance period for the end customer is 12months. If the problems broke/damage is not made by the user faulty, the company’s technicians have confirmed that it occurred under normal use, and the company will provide free repair and replacement parts service!
  4. Excluding the scope of maintenance: product consumables and their accessories (for example Replacement tips, consumables products, etc.) improper use, use, modification, etc. that are not in accordance with the operating instructions Problems or damage caused by self-assembly and disassembly, man-made sabotage, and improper electricity.
  5. All parts after replacement will belong to our company.
  6. If the products sent for repair are discontinued or discontinued due to the configuration of the original part, our company will provide replacement products of the same level or above.
  7. The repaired product will not provide an additional warranty period, that is, the warranty period will only be calculated based on the date of the purchase document.
  8. The customer must retrieve the product within one month after the product is repaired. The company is not responsible for the expired product and has the right to discard it.
  9. All maintenance services are only suitable for use in Hong Kong.
  10. Repair location:

Please bring the original products and purchase receipts to the following address:

Kopen (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Room G-H, 2nd Floor, Winner Factory Building, 55 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Enquiry Hotline: 2342 4282

Office hours: Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 0930-1800

The repair will be completed in about 10-20 working days (to be completed, the repair will be confirmed by telephone)

**The company reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice; and reserves the right to make the final decision on all disputes**